OBIZCOIN is developing a Smart Business Process Automation BOT based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. In startups and SME’s, because of limited resources, multiple job profiles are handled by those involved in the top management. They have to involve in all the processes of the organization like Sales processes, BD processes, Purchase processes, Logistics processes, HR processes, Accounts processes and so on. Handling too many things at the same time makes it difficult for them to achieve excellence in any business process. They are left with no time for evaluation or monitoring of the actual performances. Also lack of domain expertise lead them to take wrong decisions, thereby posing risk to their venture’s survival in the long run. This is where OBIZCOIN comes in picture.

Our model comes from our parent company YRC where we've been successfully implementing business process consulting services to numerous clients. What is changing is the advancement in technology. We are merging two of the most promising technologies in the world AI and Blockhain and trying to deliver our proven solutions through BOT.


Obizcoin Bot provides the following services:

Business Process Development:

OBIZCOIN Smart BOT will act as a virtual CEO for Startups and SME’s helping them with domain expert knowledge, designing of efficient business processes, aligning their team to the processes, allocating tasks based on their KRA’s developed on the BOT system, monitoring team’s performances and rewarding them as per their performance.

All the software available in the market today provide humungous data in the form of reports. But by analyzing these reports, organizations are unable to take decisions on what to do, how to do and when to do.

BOT will analyze the reports & shall present you with solutions best fit for your organization. So, its not just an application, but your Virtual CEO.

Operational Risk Score Analysis

Often, while making any sort of business decisions, the only data available about that organization is the financial data. With the development of OBIZCOIN BOT, business owners and investors will have the access to an organization’s real time operational health which will help them analyse their businesses better and take corrective actions to improvise their business processes. Investors can have a better understanding of the real time operational health of the businesses they wish to invest in.

It obtained by unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive score of businesses which shall be helpful for SMEs, Startups and Investors to find out the degree of standard operating procedures followed within the organization, Measure the team performance across the organization & understand the Organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses.

It not only determines the score but also an analysis report of the Top performing & weak performing processes/departments/employees/cost centres etc., which shall eventually help in developing strategies for improvisation.


  • Obizcoin’s Smart Process BOT shall automate businesses processes. A business requires several agreements within the organization between employee and employers as well external agencies. These agreements will be executed through smart contracts making the relations between stakeholders transparent. In Most organizations, employers are unhappy that employees are not performing and employees are unhappy that employers are not rewarding. Obizcoin’s decentralized platform is the solution for this. Obizcoin BOT helps in Performance Analysis of employees.
  • As per the performance, employees would be rewarded. BOT will bring transparency in the organization & rewards would be distributed through smart contracts. Our decentralized Blockchain Platform shall also be used to store Client’s business data, which is extremely confidential.

So, with the help of blockchain technology, we shall make this platform secure and transparent.


With AI, we aim to make the business processes intelligent.
BOT will be capable of developing and improvising business processes with the help of AI.
Processes designed shall be in parallel with the company's strategic and operational goals.

In a competitive environment where technology is rapidly changing, the continuous improvement of business processes becomes one of the critical success factors for companies to succeed.

BOT’s ability to self-learn is addressed by AI capabilities When the judgement required or decision making is more complex? There might be 20 or 50 different criterias to consider, all with different weightages.

Some could be more relevant for some customers, and for others,certain criteria could be completely irrelevant.
This is where another type of AI, usually called ‘cognitive reasoning’, can be used to support and augment the BOT processes.
The relevant decisions made through AI, can be more effective, improving turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

This is why, its not just an application, it’s a virtual CEO


OBZCOIN token is a utility Token having multiple uses.

  • Token holders shall be able to avail several services from our decentralized BOT platform.
  • One of our services, Operational Risk Score Analysis can be availed by using OBIZCOIN tokens only
  • Business consultants across the globe can use our platform to develop efficient business processes for their clients.
    They will have access to our platform through OBIZCOIN tokens
  • OBIZCOIN tokens will be used in the internal eco-system of the organization for incentivising our employees, associates, & developers to develop our platform continuously.
  • OBIZCOIN tokens shall also be used for buying products and services of our vendor partners

We will make profits by selling our services to startups and SME’s through our decentralized BOT platform.

80% of Startups & SMEs across the globe face certain standard challenges in managing their business. These include things like hiring the right people & retaining them, delegation & automation problem, lack of required domain knowledge, people dependency, cash flow management, balancing quality and growth, customer delight, inventory management, maintain the service standards and many more.

Obizcoin will bring solution for these problems with its rich domain expertise, industry experience & proven management techniques. These solutions will assure that our client’s businesses are managed efficiently & their failure rate due to poor management reason is minimized.

Business process consulting is a high margin business with a lower client conversion ratio.

Our platform will achieve a higher client conversion ratio because,

  • There will be limited human interaction
  • Information and solution will be available for the clients on their fingertips at affordable prices
  • Our platform will have APIs to connect with their existing business application and software like ERP software, HR and Accounting software, CRM software so it will be convenient for them to use our platform.
  • Our platform will act as a market place for business consultants worldwide to make their own business processes for their clients.

With the introduction of decentralised BOT platform, numerous businesses will be able to avail our services on their fingertips with limited human interaction. So, our business model will be auto scalable


OBIZCOIN Investors will be entitled to multiple benefits;

Incremental Profit Sharing

We believe that the best way to reward our token holders is to share our profits with them.

Over the years our operating costs will come down because of the wide network of our userbase.
So, we will be in a position to share a higher profit margin with our token holders in the long run.

Profits we offer will be incremental in nature starting from 30% in the first year, going up to 50% in the third year of operations.

The collection that we generate will deposited in our sales pool wallet. Profits will be distributed automatically from this wallet every month to our token holders through smart contracts.

Monthly Buy back and destruction of tokens.

Buyback and destruction of tokens will reduce the number of tokens in circulation which can increase the value of remaining tokens. We will conduct this process to reward our token holders.

We are also offering a Minimum Guarantee of 1% per month

A lot of people ask us, what is the reason behind giving 1% guaranteed return to your token holders until the BOT is developed?

There are two reasons to do this.

  • To give a certain return to our token holders till our BOT platform is developed.
  • It will ensure that we work harder and stay focused to achieve our targets as soon as possible as there will be a monthly outgoing liability of 1%.

Suppose an investor invests 100 US Dollars, he will be entitled to a return of 1 US dollar per month until the BOT is developed.

8. How to buy OBIZCOIN TOKENS?
10. When will the tokens be listed?

We have a confirmed listing on Nebula Exchange.


 We are talking to other leading exchanges and information shall be updated soon. Subscribe to receive updates. https://obizcoin.io/

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11. Who can buy OBZ tokens?

We are not restricting any citizens of any country to buy OBZ tokens.

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